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Energy conservation and emission reduction – we are in action

Mai Rui Group on the premise of single blast furnace production, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and innovation spirit of employees, advocate that everyone is an operator, by making progress a little bit every day, find gaps, make up for shortcomings, explore potential and reduce consumption, solid progress in various management work, a number of production and operation indicators to create the best level in history.
Since October 15, including steel, iron, wire plant, power plant, quality control department, the storage and transportation center and so on various secondary units, in full swing on the activities, implement "thought to a new state, make new breakthroughs in change, with new ideas for work, should have a new career pursuit of" four innovation, employees than learning to catch up with be a role model, Strict economy, eliminate waste, save every watt of electricity, every drop of water, every cubic meter of steam, become the code of all staff.
In the past three months, a number of indicators of the group have reached the best level in history. The first-line daily output reached a new high of 2216 tons, and the third-line and fifth-line daily output exceeded 2680 tons. The steel mills carried out "lifting speed and pressure cycle", and optimized the production of three converters into two converters. The daily production of 50-ton converters exceeded 2,600 tons, and the cost of steelmaking decreased by more than 150 yuan/ton compared with the same caliber in July. The power plant rationally allocated gas resources, and through gas distribution research, all the converter gas receivable was collected, and the comprehensive energy efficiency continued to improve. The gas recovery of ton-steel converter reached a historical high of 138m³, and the spontaneous electricity ratio increased from 55.73% in July to 74.75% in October, with the one-day spontaneous electricity rate reaching a historical record of 96.01%. Outsourced electricity charges reduced by nearly $10 million.

Post time: Nov-25-2021