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Application of hot rolled galvanized sheet

1.Steel structure industry applications

Hot rolled galvanized in the steel structure industry is mainly used for light steel structure houses and workshops, the main building skeleton are galvanized cold-formed steel, mainly C steel, Z steel, floor bearing plate and steel gutter manufacturing, thickness specifications are mainly 1.5-3.5mm. 

Due to light weight, high strength, beautiful shape, fast construction, less pollution, good anti-wind and seismic performance, steel structure buildings are environment-friendly "green building materials". 

In developed countries, the use of steel structure has become the trend of building development, in China, the construction of steel structure is still in its infancy, there is a lot of development and potential. 

According to the data in Taiwan, the proportion of color coated board and hot substrate galvanized in construction is generally 5:1. Based on this calculation, China's hot substrate galvanized sheet market demand this year is about 600,000 tons. 

Due to the current domestic haven't production capacity of hot rolled galvanized sheet, and imports far cannot satisfy the market demand, the largest usage on the market at present is small galvanized factory production of steel with galvanized sheet, restricted by production conditions and process technology, the product surface quality, control the amount of galvanized, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties can meet the demand of the market.

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2.Steel silo industry applications

Compared with the original traditional storage container, the steel warehouse has the advantages of fast construction, good air tightness, high strength, less occupation area, low cost, novel structure, beautiful appearance and so on. More than 80% of the steel manufacturing grannaire is the thickness of 1.0-1.4mm, width of 495mm hot rolled galvanized steel strip (2.5-4mm 75%), material Q215-235, galvanized quantity & GT; 275 grams per square meter. The sewage treatment ponds of urban and industrial sewage treatment systems mainly use 4.0mm galvanized sheet.

3.Application of railway passenger car manufacturing industry

The manufacture of the outer shell, inner shell, top and bottom plate of the passenger car requires 1.0-3.0mm hot or cold rolled galvanized sheet. Hot-rolled galvanized sheet replaces cold-rolled sheet, which simplifies the process, speeds up the manufacturing cycle of the vehicle, and prolonging the service life of the vehicle. On average, each passenger car consumes 15 tons of hot rolled galvanized sheet, among which 1-2.75mm is 4.5 tons. The national annual passenger car manufacturing capacity is about 10,000 units, and it is estimated that the demand for hot rolled galvanized sheet is about 45,000 tons.

4.Automotive industry applications

In developed countries, the amount of coating steel plate has accounted for more than 60% of the amount of sheet metal. It is an inevitable trend that coating plate is widely used as automobile body covering to improve anti-corrosion performance. From the use of galvanized sheet in automobiles, its use specifications are more, the amount is larger, mainly used in the bottom plate of automobiles, various beams, beam strengthening plate, support, bracket and connecting plate. Due to the use of hidden parts, the surface quality and deep drawing performance requirements are not high, so some parts can be used to replace the hot substrate galvanized sheet processing, automobile consumption hot galvanized sheet specification is mainly 1.5-3.0mm.

5.Instead of cold rolled galvanized sheet

At present, domestic galvanized manufacturers more than 1.2mm galvanized production is about 12-140,000 tons/year, according to the introduction of experts, cold rolled base galvanized sheet and hot base galvanized sheet in the use of performance is not different, and hot base galvanized sheet has obvious cost advantages. In theory, hot substrate galvanizing can completely replace cold substrate galvanizing products.

Post time: Sep-16-2021