UK extends Chinese steel tariff

During the G7 summit, Boris Johnson encouraged western countries to do business with China, but said it would be based on “democratic values”, before turning to his government’s decision to extend high tariffs on Chinese goods.
According to Russian media’s latest news, Britain’s trade minister, Trevelyan claimed that in order to protect the “public interest” and the jobs, the British will implement the trade protection measures, on steel imported from other countries such as China country duties extend two years period, though it may violate world trade organization (WTO) the international legal obligations.
Considering the Chinese Ministry of Commerce’s recent decision to impose anti-dumping duties on carbon steel fasteners from the UK and the EU for another five years, it is clear that the UK’s extension of tariffs on Chinese steel must be retaliatory and provocative.
Britain actually all in the name of protection of “public interest”, damage the interests of the Chinese behavior, is not in conformity with the practical and logical, because the work to reduce also is not Chinese, but it was the British, because it was the British government and the European Union, the behavior of the sanctions against Russia, exacerbated by its domestic inflation and unemployment.
Not long ago the UK the biggest strike in 30 years, but the British government’s handling of the matter method lets people laughing off the fangs, prime minister John sun and transport minister announced that the compulsory service operators to provide a minimum and allow to hire temporary workers, and even a senator will strike on Russia, said “the strike of the workers is a friend of Russian President vladimir putin”.
This is a joke, because no one forced the Western countries to help Ukraine and sanction Russia from the beginning. It was for its own interests and to please the United States that Britain assisted Ukraine and imposed sanctions on Russia. As a result, the inflation problem backfired and caused a domestic crisis, and no one was to blame.
However, in the event of such an important domestic issue, its senior officials have not made a decision that can truly solve the problem. On the contrary, they claim that they will continue to support Ukraine and evade their own responsibility. Now they want to implement so-called trade protection measures and shift the problem to China.
But the British government is not surprising, thoroughly become the United States after the take off the dog, it is bound to follow the United States to curb China’s revival, constantly doing anything harmful to the interests of China, such as before said to buy China guangdong nuclear group in the game he a 20% stake in nuclear power plant project, is to the huge benefits behind the project.
Now the SO-CALLED “international trade protectionism” implemented by the UK is essentially strengthening its protectionist measures against China, trying to promote its own internal economic cycle and improve its competitive position in the international market by hurting China’s overseas interests.
To realize the economic base determines the superstructure, if the economy there is a problem, it is inevitably affect the development of the whole country, Britain also, of course, understand this, so would rather than at the risk of violating international trade rules also wants sanctions against imported products, to promote the economic growth, in order to develop themselves on the surface of the top science and technology, military and other construction.
Britain’s chief of staff said earlier that it would take years to make up for the shortfall in military support for Ukraine. This shows that the UK is facing a relatively large fiscal deficit, and the expenditure of military support to Ukraine is a bottomless pit, which is exactly why the British government is trying to reverse the economic dilemma by hook or by crook.
Besides, Johnson said in the G7 meeting in doing business with China to “eat anyway,” now the implementation of the so-called trade protection may be the beginning of the step, because it for Britain suffered sanctions against Russia itself, can quickly recover its economic stability, can also realize the crackdown in China, but China’s determination to maintain its own interests cannot be underestimated, will only by counter.
However, even if the UK’s small calculation is loud, it may not be able to achieve the desired results. Let alone That China will launch countermeasures to protect its own interests, the UK’s unilateral trade protection measures violate trade rules, will only harm others and itself, and will ultimately lose the support of the international community.
British if you really want to change the current economic woes, top priority should be to stop incitement to Ukraine and Russia would continue to war again, and urged the peace talks as soon as possible and to reach a ceasefire agreement, not contrary to the objective economic law from China looking for a “breakthrough”, in an attempt to pan shirking its incompetence.

Post time: Jul-11-2022